Cost of Home Care

Understand the cost of care and how to pay for it

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This page was last updated on 15 February 2024

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For Families and Individuals Seeking Home Care Services

    How Much Does In-Home Care Cost?

    We understand thinking about the cost of care can be stressful. Making sure you are well informed on the cost of in-home care and evaluating the best care for your loved one is important. When picking home care and thinking about prices consider what effect the service will have on you or your loved one’s life. Taking into account the effect the care will have, the quality and what the package features. This will determine whether the price is worth it or not.

    What Affects Home Care Prices?

    At Esteem we offer many in-home care services and packages. Each package is tailored specifically to each person’s needs and requirements. Because each package we provide is unique, prices can differ.

    The prices of our packages are partly determined by how many hours of care is needed and what type of care is required. For example, a premium companionship care package tailored for someone living with a serious medical condition will cost more than a basic housekeeping and welfare check package.

    Factors That Affect Price Include:

    • Amount of care needed
    • Care type
    • Personalization of package

    Funding Home Care

    There are two ways of paying for care. Self-funded involves paying for all the care costs yourself. Government-funded care involves your local council helping you pay the costs of care. Read our page on care funding to find out more about your different options of paying for care.

    Here at Esteem, we are always happy to help. If you need advice and information on the costs of our care packages, get in contact with us today. A friendly team member will quote you a price based on the care you require.