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For Families and Individuals Seeking Home Care Services

    Why Choose Esteem

    We offer a complete home care solution that puts you in control. Our 4-step client focused enrolment process means it couldn’t be easier for you or a loved one to become a client and find a perfectly matched carer.

    Client Process

    1 Establish your needs.

    We start your journey with us by taking the time to find out about you, or your loved ones, needs and expectations. We take the time to explain all you need to know about our services to ensure you understand everything.

    We then match our team of carers health with you carefully based on mutual interests and hobbies. We agree with you how we deliver and review your ongoing support.

    2 Your tailored plan.

    We will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you receive the care plan you need for you, or your loved ones. We take time to find out what really matters to you such as who is important to you in your life and what do you want to achieve.

    In addition, we also discuss things like what places do you like to visit and what activities would you like to do. And we don’t forget to find out those little things that make all the difference such as what food you like to eat and how do you like your tea or coffee.

    3 Become a client.

    Before we start any of our care packages, we will agree a schedule to deliver your care plan, which will include introducing you to the people supporting you.

    If you want family or friends to be involved in your care planning, we will work with you to facilitate this. We will also liaise with third parties such as doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare therapists, to ensure consistency of care.

    4 Your ongoing support.

    Ensuring your care remains in line with your needs is paramount to us. Your requirements, and ultimately your care plan will be reviewed regularly in line with you needs, expectations and any change within your environment:

    Our healthcare workers will continue to support you and adapt to what you need. They will provide feedback to us if anything is out of the norm. They complete client logs after each visit, so we always know how you are.

    Our office team will conduct quality support calls either in your homes or over the phone on a quarterly basis.

    Cost of Home Care

    Our prices are based on the service you require and how many hours a week of support you need. You may be able to receive funding for this. Find out more here.

    How to Get Care

    In 3 simple steps, you can start receiving esteem home care. First, contact us today to discuss your care needs. Next, we arrange a home assessment with one of our care managers. Finally, we will tailor your care package and your care will begin.

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    Contact Us
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    Home Assessment
    Care Begins

    Peace of Mind With Esteem

    We get to know you and your family as much as possible. We will help you to decide on what it is you want and need.

    At Esteem we also keep family regularly updated on how your loved-one is, so you have complete peace of mind that they are being looked after and cared for.

    We aim to fit around and support you in your daily life with as little disruption to your routines as possible. Throughout your time with us, we will reassess your needs to make sure you are always receiving the best-suited care for you. Live independently at home with our support.