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    We provide personalised care throughout Carlisle and the surrounding area.

    At Esteem Care, we provide personalized care throughout Carlisle and its surrounding areas, recognizing the significance of your home as a source of happiness, safety, and comfort. Our award-winning home care services are meticulously designed to address loneliness, nutrition, and safety, tailored to your unique needs. We are deeply committed to our local community and delivering a holistic, home-based care solution that enhances the quality of life for your loved ones. If you reside in Carlisle or nearby areas in the UK and are seeking professional, person-centered care, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Your home is your sanctuary, and at Esteem Care, we are dedicated to preserving that sense of security and comfort. Our experienced team focuses on improving your well-being and that of your loved ones through customized care that caters to your specific requirements. We believe that exceptional care goes beyond physical assistance, creating an environment where you can thrive emotionally and physically. Whether you require daily support, companionship, or assistance with nutrition and safety, we are here to provide the high-quality care you deserve. If you are located in Carlisle or the nearby UK areas and desire professional, person-centered care, please reach out to us today.

    Client Testimonials

    I started using Esteem last year when I came out of hospital, staff are very polite and helpful always on time great service would recommend to all my family and friends, the staff go out their way to help you, always there when I need someone to talk to.

    By W M, (Client / Service User)

    My sister and I were in quite an anxious place when we realised that we must sort out care for Mum who had become quite unsafe following her husband’s admission to hospital. The team were really professional and no stone remained unturned in seeking to provide the help our mum needed. There was no wait for the care to commence and all carers showed Mum dedication and great care especially as Mum can be quite anxious too.

    Once her husband came home they both needed care for a short time which Esteem provided very well. Mum now is the only one remaining in their care which both Mum and I are very happy with. Extremely professional would highly recommend.

    By Beverley M, (Daughter of Client/Service User)

    I have been using Esteem for a year now to help care for my stepmum who has Alzheimer’s, I don’t live close by and I also work so can’t see her every day, the staff at Esteem are kind and patient and inform us if there are any concerns.

    I can see on the app who has been and how they have found my stepmum each day which is invaluable and puts my mind at rest. Nothing is too much trouble and knowing my stepmum is going to need more care as time goes on, I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    By K S, (Stepdaughter of Client/Service User)

    Absolutely amazing care shown to my dad, and wonderful support to me, following my dad’s return from hospital. The carers and office staff have been incredible and I would have no hesitation to recommend Esteem.

    By Helen W, (Daughter of Client/Service User)

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    Empowering Elderly Independence Through Exceptional Care at Home

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    Areas We Cover:

    Areas we currently provide care for in Carlisle includes:

    • Carlisle
    • Brampton
    • Longtown
    • Dalston
    • Houghton
    • Kirkbride
    • Other surrounding areas

    If you would like more information on the services we provide in the Carlisle area, contact us through telephone on +44 1228 937780. We are always happy to talk.


    What services does Esteem Care offer?2023-10-20T11:33:49+01:00

    Esteem Care offers a range of home care services, including daily companionship, personal care visits, and live-in specialist care.

    How is the care personalized and tailored to individual needs?2023-10-20T11:36:40+01:00

    Care plans start with an initial consultation to understand the client’s hopes and aspirations, ensuring support is tailored to their unique preferences.

    How often are care requirements reviewed?2023-10-20T11:38:20+01:00

    Care requirements are continuously reviewed throughout the care process to ensure clients receive the best available care.

    What sets Esteem Care apart from other home care providers?2023-10-20T11:43:04+01:00

    Esteem Care focuses on core values, including eliminating loneliness, promoting good nutrition, and enhancing safety at home to enable clients to live happily and healthily at home.

    How is safety ensured for clients receiving care at home?2023-10-20T11:44:57+01:00

    Esteem Care provides access to industry-leading telecare technology, offering 24/7 assistance and peace of mind for clients and their loved ones.

    Who can benefit from home care services?2023-10-20T11:46:37+01:00

    Anyone in need of extra support can benefit from Esteem Care’s home care services, whether they require companionship or assistance with more complex care needs.

    How do I arrange home care with Esteem?2023-10-20T11:49:15+01:00

    Arranging home care with Esteem is quick and hassle-free. You can get in touch via call, email, or a consultation to discuss your requirements and receive a home assessment.

    How flexible are home care visits in terms of hours and duration?2023-10-20T11:50:25+01:00

    Home care visits are flexible, and you can choose the number of hours you receive. Certain care packages require minimum hours to ensure high-quality care.

    What are the different Esteem Care package options?2023-10-20T11:51:42+01:00

    Esteem Care offers several package options, including “Your Health and Wellbeing Package”, “Your Independence Package” and “Your Specialist Support Package”.

    Can care packages be tailored to specific medical conditions?2023-10-20T11:53:05+01:00

    Yes, Esteem Care can tailor care packages to suit specific medical conditions, ensuring clients receive the right support and care.

    Care Inspectorate

    We are extremely proud to say that our Carlisle branch is rated GOOD by the Care Quality Commission.

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