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    How Our Care Packages Work

    We understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable and in control in your own home.  This is why we take time to find out about you, your hopes, wishes and aspirations.  Our care packages are designed to maximise your independence as much as possible. Additionally, our focus on wellbeing and nutrition ensures we support you to live well, in the way you choose.

    Your Choice, Your Care, Your Complete Solution

    We have four bespoke care services that create a complete living at home solution for you, depending on the support you require. Whatever your needs and aspirations are, be that improving physical health, providing wellbeing support or safety and security, we have them covered. Esteem Home Care provides peace of mind for families and allows our clients to feel safe and comfortable at home, even when their carer isn’t there.

    1. Your Independence Service

    This service is to promote independence, and encourage social interaction to continue to get out into the community. This could be attending social activities, nutritional support and companionship.

    2. Your Health and Wellbeing Service

    This service is for clients who need a little support to enable them to live independently in their own home. This could be help getting dressed, or getting up in the morning. We will work with you to provide a care solution that feels right for you.

    3. Your Specialist Support Package

    This service is for clients who need specialist support to aide with behavioural challenges or perhaps have more complex care needs. We also support families as we know they need to be cared for too.

    Our Core Values run through all our services

    Promoting good nutrition

    Promoting good nutrition consists of a carer cooking delicious fresh hot meals when we visit. We tailor these meals to your tastes and any medical requirements you have. This can be extremely beneficial for people living with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and people recovering from a stroke. All our meals can be adapted to be low sugar, low fat, easy to chew and more.

    Eliminating Loneliness

    Eliminating loneliness consists of quality companionship visits. This is more than a cup of tea together or having a chat. Quality companionship is arranging activities together, going out and about on adventures or spending real quality time in the house together.

    Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health. That is why we include our Health & Wellbeing package in all our care solutions.

    Enhancing Safety at Home

    Our enhancing safety at home package provides 24/7 support. If an accident occurs, we will send out one of our carers immediately to assist you or your loved one.

    We use the most current and reliable safety technical devices. We provide you with a safety pendant or a wristband. Keeping this on you means no matter what happens you can contact us on our response line and we will always quickly respond.

    Tailor Your Care Package

    Your package is your choice. You can tailor it to fit perfectly around you.

    With the help of one of our care managers, you can pick the perfect package for you and carry on enjoying life safely at home.

    Next Steps

    Find the best care for yourself or your loved one today with a free no obligation consultation. To discuss your requirements with one of our CQC registered managers, book your free consultation using our quick and easy online form.

    Esteem Home Care Packages FAQs

    How much does each care package cost?2021-10-29T14:31:16+01:00

    We charge for our packages in monthly instalments rather than the cost of care per hour. Our prices are based on your requirements and how often you would like to receive care. Book a free care consultation with us today and we can discuss your needs and supply you with a quote.

    For more information on the prices of our packages read our cost of care page.

    Can I tailor a package to my medical condition?2021-10-29T13:28:47+01:00

    Yes, at Esteem we provide tailored home care specialised for conditions such as diabetes, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and more.

    Our premium packages can be designed to fill the needs of your condition. Such as providing you with the right diet and having someone to spend time with and talk to about your worries.  You will also have peace of mind knowing no matter what time of day if you experience an increase in symptoms or an accident occurs a carer will be with you quickly.

    What does eliminating loneliness involve?2021-10-29T14:12:24+01:00

    Eliminating loneliness can involve any form of interaction with your carer. It could be playing board games together, going for a walk in the park or visiting family members. It even includes days out. You pick where you want to go; the cinema, the beach or the theatre your carer can take you there.

    Having an activity planned with your carer can give you something to look forward to throughout the week. It also means you are still making treasured memories and enjoying life to the fullest.

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