Companionship Home Care

Company and conversation to relieve loneliness

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For Families and Individuals Seeking Home Care Services

    What Is Companionship Care?

    Our companionship home care prevents loneliness and builds confidence. Whether it’s a conversation over a coffee, going on a shopping trip or support with a hobby, our professional carers are there to provide the wellbeing support a companionship call offers.

    Our Companionship Care Service Includes:

    • Help with writing and reading
    • Cleaning
    • Food preparation and meal planning
    • Errand running
    • Emotional support
    • Support with hobbies and interests
    • Having a friend to talk too

    At Esteem we take pride in the high-quality service we deliver to keep your loved one happy and healthy at home, whilst putting your mind at ease.

    Benefits of Companionship Services

    Mental health is just as important as physical health at any age which is why all our Esteem employees are emotionally invested in the wellbeing of every person they support. For families, having their loved one supported this way, provides reassurance they are happy and living a life that is purposeful.

    This is why we include wellbeing support in all our care services.  To find out more about our Your Choice, Your Support, Your Complete Solution packages, click here