Fall Prevention Technology

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This page was last updated on 9 August 2022

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For Families and Individuals Seeking Home Care Services

    Technology can be incredibly beneficial; it can enhance your safety and provide peace of mind. Modern care technology is also very accessible and can be cost-effective. Care technology provides extra safety and allows you to receive help quickly in emergency situations, there is a range of devices that can help you if a fall does occur.

    Community and Personal Alarms

    A Community alarm ( also known as a personal alarm) often comes in the form of a pendant or wristband. It will have a large button on it to press if you find yourself in an emergency situation. When the alarm button is pressed it will send a signal to a response service, a carer or can be set up to call a family member.

    There are many different personal alarms on the market. Some can be set up with friends and family members contacts so if the first contact does not answer it will call the next one. Others will call straight to a 24-hour monitoring service.

    You can talk to your emergency contact or response centre through your personal alarm so whilst you are waiting for assistance to arrive you won’t feel alone. Personal alarms in the form of pendants and wristbands can be worn at all times so you always have access to help if needed.

    Basic Alarms

    Basic alarms are pocket-sized devices that emit a very loud noise when activated. If you fall you can set off your personal alarm to alert your neighbours or anyone nearby that you need help.

    Basic alarms rely on someone being close by to hear them, so they are not as beneficial for people living in remote areas alone.

    GPS Devices

    GPS personal alarms carry the same features as community alarms but with extra GPS tracking. This means your emergency contacts will be able to see your location when you require help. Your emergency contact can track your location through a smartphone app. GPS tracker alarms work in your home and outside.

    GPS alarms are very beneficial for people living with dementia. It allows them to keep independence whilst giving peace of mind to their carer or loved one that if an incident does occur, they will be notified immediately of their exact location. People living with dementia often experience confusion which can result in them becoming lost, if this does happen a GPS tracker can alert you to their whereabouts so you can provide assistance.

    Fall Detector

    A fall detector is a device worn often in the form of a wristband, pendant or belt clip that detects if you have fallen. These can be separate devices or an additional feature of a personal alarm.

    If a fall detector senses you have fallen it will automatically send an alert to a response service or your emergency contact. You can also manually send an alert using a button on the device and cancel alerts if your fall doesn’t leave you requiring assistance.

    Monitoring Cameras

    Monitoring cameras allow you to see into your loved one’s home if you are worried about their wellbeing.

    Monitoring cameras can be installed in people’s homes who have previously experienced falling. If a fall does occur whoever you chose to be on the other side of the camera can talk to you and provide support whilst you wait for help to arrive.

    Esteem 24-Hour Emergency Response

    Here at Esteem, we offer 24/7 emergency response as part of our care packages. Our emergency response means your safety is never compromised and you and your loved ones are guaranteed peace of mind. We will provide you with a personal alarm in the form of a wristband or a pendant. Whenever you need emergency help press your pendant and one of our cares will arrive at your home promptly to assist you.

    All our response carers are medically trained so no matter what the incident you will get the appropriate attention. With our 24-hour response service Esteem care is still in place even when your carer leaves. By wearing one of our safety pendants, you are one press away from a carer coming to your home.