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    What Is Alzheimer's Home Care?

    Alzheimer’s care is support for people living with Alzheimer’s disease. There are many benefits to staying living at home with dementia compared to moving to a dementia care facility. Choosing home care means you are able to remain in your community amongst people you know.

    Alzheimer’s Signs and Symptoms

    Alzheimer’s symptoms often start off mild but over several years, as the disease progresses, symptoms will often become more severe and eventually interfere with daily life. The most common first sign of Alzheimer’s is memory problems. Memory problems can show in different ways and each person will have a different experience with the disease.

    How to Arrange Alzheimer’s Care

    If you are interested in arranging Alzheimer’s home care for you, or a loved one, then we are more than happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Additionally, our Specialist “Your Choice, Your Care, Your Complete Solution” care package is specifically suited to people with Alzheimer’s. To find out more click here

    Alzheimer's Care FAQs

    When does someone with Alzheimer’s need care?2021-10-18T15:40:52+01:00

    Someone living with Alzheimer’s disease will require care when their symptoms are affecting their daily life. They might be struggling to remember to take their medication or experiencing emotional distress and confusion. If you start to notice your loved one struggling with daily tasks then it’s a sign that they would greatly benefit from care.

    Are your carers trained in Alzheimer’s care?2021-10-18T15:57:20+01:00

    All our carers that provide Alzheimer’s care are fully trained and qualified. Many of our carers are experienced in caring for previous clients with Alzheimer’s or even their own family members. All our carers go through training programs with us and are kind, compassionate and respectful people.

    How do I talk about care with my loved one?2021-10-27T11:09:27+01:00

    Talking about care doesn’t have to be a negative experience. When done in a respectful and compassionate way it can relieve a lot of stress for you and your loved one.

    If your loved one is refusing to talk about care with you then additional support options are available. Your loved ones GP or doctor can assist with the conversation in a professional way.

    Our advice pages on how to choose care and talking about care with your family offers more information and support on the subject.

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