Dementia Care at Home

Dementia support at home

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    What Is Dementia Home Care?

    Dementia is the general name for a group of symptoms associated with an ongoing decline of brain functioning. The most common types of dementia are Alzheimer’s, dementia with Lewy bodies, vascular dementia, mixed dementia, frontotemporal dementia and early-onset dementia.  Dementia is not the same for everyone and is not a one size fits all.  At Esteem, we understand the importance of finding out about each person so that we can provide the best dementia care at home service.

    Esteem Home Care Dementia

    We understand that coping with a loved one with dementia can be emotional and may even be challenging.  Our Specialist “Your Choice, Your Care, Your Complete Solution” care package are perfectly suited to people with Dementia. We focus on a relationship-centred approach and build trust and rapport, to make people every client feel as comfortable as possible. We ensure all our employees are trained and able to adopt strategies that ease confusion and aide stability.

    Our Specialist Dementia Care Includes:

    • Keeping your loved one safe at home
    • Assisting with medication and appointments
    • Companionship and social interaction
    • Stimulating activities
    • Meal preparation and support of a healthy lifestyle
    • Support of confidence-building
    • Assisting with personal care

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    When should someone with dementia receive care?2021-10-21T11:08:38+01:00

    When dementia symptoms start to affect your daily life it’s a good idea to receive care. Care will provide support for the daily tasks that dementia symptoms make hard. Having the extra support enables you to do all the activities you want to do safely and can improve your quality of life.

    Struggling with tasks such as shopping, gardening, staying organised and looking after pets are telltale signs that extra support is needed.

    How to care for someone with dementia?2021-10-21T11:24:33+01:00

    Caring for someone with dementia can be challenging and emotional especially if they are your loved one. It is important to be informed on dementia and the symptoms that come with the condition.

    In the early stages of dementia, you can provide help with daily tasks such as shopping, cleaning and attending appointments. Helping someone with dementia maintain a healthy diet is very important. People with dementia often don’t realise they are thirsty so reminding them to drink water throughout the day is a good idea.

    For more information on this subject read our living well with dementia page.

    Are your carers trained in dementia care?2021-10-21T11:32:11+01:00

    All our carers that provide dementia care are fully trained and qualified. Many of our carers are experienced in caring for previous clients with dementia or even their own family members. Not only are all our carers trained but they are also wonderful and compassionate people.

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