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    What Is Heart Disease Care?

    Coronary heart disease is a condition that causes your hearts blood supply to become blocked by a build-up of fatty substances in the arteries. There are around 2.3 million people living with coronary heart disease in the UK and it is a major cause of death worldwide. Heart disease can not be cured but symptoms can be managed and this can reduce complications such as heart attacks and heart failure.

    At Esteem we support people to live well with coronary heart disease, whether it’s support with doctor appointments, daily chores or emotional wellbeing we can provide it.

    Our Heart Disease Care Plan Involves:

    • Medication assistance – We will remind you to take your medication at the right times.
    • Appointment Assistance – We understand people might find appointments a scary and intimidating experience. We will accompany you to and from appointments whilst providing you emotional support.
    • Meal planning and food preparation – Your diet can have a huge impact on your heart health. We will find out your favourite foods and suggest delicious, nutritious meals based on your taste. If you struggle with cooking then your carer can prepare your meals for you. We will make sure you’re receiving all the nutrition needed to help your heart and slow down the effects of heart disease.
    • Exercise support – Being active improves your overall health and is great for the heart. Your carer will support you with exercise making it an enjoyable experience. We use your interests to suggest activities such as gardening, walking, dancing and stretching.
    • Post-surgery care – Some people may receive surgery for their heart disease or even a heart transplant. We understand the post-surgery recovery process and we are here to make your recovery as smooth and easy as possible. We can provide personal care, housekeeping and more to aid your recovery.
    • Emotional support – Reports have found people living with heart disease also experience emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression. No one should suffer in silence. Our compassionate carers will listen and be there for you.

    Arrange Home Care With Us

    Get in touch with us today to find out more about our “Your Choice, Your Care, Your Complete Solution” care packages can help you or your loved one to live well with heart disease. Each home care package is unique to you, so you can enjoy an independent life at home. Call, email or book a consultation now to start your Esteem home care journey.

    Heart Disease Care FAQs

    What are common types of heart disease?2021-10-20T13:40:12+01:00

    There are many different types of heart disease. Common types are:

    • Coronary artery disease (CHD) – This causes your hearts blood supply to become blocked by a build-up of fatty substances in the arteries.
    • Congenital heart disease – This is a birth defect that can include heart valve defects and a hole in the heart.
    • Heart arrhythmia – This is when the heart is unable to regulate a normal heartbeat. Meaning the heart beats too slow or too fast.
    • Heart valve disease – This causes the heart valves to not be able to open and close properly, disrupting the blood flow to the heart.
    What are the benefits of heart disease care?2021-10-20T14:25:33+01:00

    Living with heart disease causes physical and emotional impacts. Breathlessness and chest pains can make it difficult to complete daily tasks such as shopping and cleaning. Studies show that a large percentage of people living with heart conditions experience emotional symptoms. Anxiety is the most common emotional symptom.

    Our heart disease tailored care values emotional support just as important as practical support. Your carer will be trained and qualified in dealing with heart disease conditions. They will understand the emotional impact of your condition and provide appropriate care. We can work with you to understand the anxiety you are feeling and work towards overcoming it. Together we will work as a team to ensure you enjoy every day.

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