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Short-term care to get you back on your feet

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For Families and Individuals Seeking Home Care Services

    What Is Intermediate Care?

    Intermediate care is a short-term form of care aimed to help you recover from an illness or hospital admission and gain back your individual independence. It is also often called Reablement care and consists of a carer coming to your home and helping you achieve specific goals you set yourself, for example getting dressed until you have recovered and are able to achieve your goal on your own.

    Our Intermediate Care Service Allows You To:

    • Remain in the comfort of your home
    • Avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital
    • Build your strength and confidence after an accident
    • Receive support off trained and qualified carers
    • Choose your exact goals and reach them through our support

    We understand that during recovery from a decline in health your confidence can be low, that’s why all our carers have essential training to deal with boosting confidence and emotional support as well and physical support. Most importantly all our wonderful carers are compassionate and kind people. They understand the struggles that can come in the recovery process and know how to overcome them by working with you as a team.

    When Is a Reablement Care Service Needed?

    Intermediate care supports the NHS by reducing the pressure on UK hospitals as people can recover with the assistance of care professionals properly at home. Reablement also helps avoid readmission to hospitals. As it’s a short-term recovery service intermediate care can be free for up to 6 weeks, however after 6 weeks you may have to start paying. If you want to carry on receiving the care you can arrange a longer-term care service with us that can be tailored to your specific needs.

    Reasons to Receive Intermediate Care:

    • Recovery after a fall or accident
    • Recovery after an illness or surgery
    • To avoid unnecessary hospital trips
    • To return home from hospital quicker

    Esteem carers are qualified and trained to support you in a variety of ways. Our care family is made up of hardworking and compassionate people. Whatever your circumstance; if you’ve had a fall or you are about to have surgery, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support your recovery process.

    Intermediate Care FAQs

    What is intermediate care?2021-10-27T12:11:27+01:00

    Intermediate care also known as reablement care is short-term care. It helps people recover from a hospital visit or a spell of ill health. In addition to helping you with daily chores such as cleaning, shopping and also more personal tasks, reablement care provides help towards your recovery. Your carer will help you with achieving specific goals you set yourself whilst working towards full independence again. Intermediate care is often only needed for 6 weeks or less.

    How much does intermediate care cost?2021-10-27T12:12:46+01:00

    If you receive intermediate care through the NHS the service is free for up to 6 weeks. After 6 weeks if you would like to carry on receiving care then we can arrange a paid care package with you.

    How does intermediate care work?2021-10-20T09:57:03+01:00

    One of our care managers will assess you to see what support you need. We will craft a care plan specific to you detailing what assistance you have requested and what your end goal is. You will then be matched to a carer who is informed of your end goal. You and your carer will become a team working together towards your health goal.

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