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    What Is Motor Neurone Disease Care?

    Motor neurone disease (MND) is a progressive disease that affects the brain and nerves. NMD reduces mobility, causes weakness and has an impact on speech. Motor neurone disease symptoms can vary for each person. Everyone’s experience with the conditions is different. That’s why we listen to what brings you happiness in life and mould your MND care plan to keep your independence. Simultaneously we provide you with the right assistance that keeps you living a happy and fulfilled life.

    Esteem Motor Neurone Disease Home Care

    We offer many ways to assist you when living with the disease, these include:

    • Housekeeping – Our wonderful carers can clean, do the laundry and any other household tasks that keep your home a comforting and safe environment to be in.
    • Food preparation – We can assist you in the kitchen or cook meals for you.
    • Daily chore support – We can help with shopping or making phone calls for appointments.
    • Medication assistance – Your carer can remind you to take medications at the correct times.
    • Activity support – Esteem will ensure you continue to do the things that make you happy. This could be going for a walk, gardening, painting or visiting family and friends.
    • Companionship –  Companionship is important and we can provide an experience carer to talk to and provide a shoulder to lean on preventing feelings of anxiousness and loneliness.

    Motor Neurone Disease Palliative Care

    Esteem are experienced in providing end of life care, including for people with MND.

    We understand this is often an extremely emotional time for you and your family. Our professional team will support you throughout your care journey.

    If you or a loved one is in need of specialist Motor neurone home care then one of our “Your Choice, Your Care, Your Complete Solution” care packages will enable you to live well, at home, with our support.

    Motor Neurone Disease Care FAQs

    What is motor neurone disease?2021-10-20T13:05:05+01:00

    Motor neurone disease (MND) is a progressive disease that affects the brain and nerves.  NMD reduces mobility, causes weakness and has an impact on speech. Motor neurons are cells in the brain that send messages to the muscles. MND is caused when these cells gradually stop working.

    Common MND symptoms include Muscle cramps, twitches, slurred speech, weak grip and weakness in legs.

    When does someone with MND need care?2021-10-20T13:12:29+01:00

    Motor neurone disease is a progressive condition. As time passes symptoms will get worse and the need for care will increase. Care is normally needed when symptoms start to interfere with daily life. Our care is in place to assist you in the areas of life you struggle with. This enables you to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. We fit your care package around you to keep your independence and ensure your quality of life.

    Are your carers trained in MND care?2021-10-20T13:18:41+01:00

    All our carers that provide motor neurone disease care are fully trained and qualified. We have years of experience in caring for clients with MND. If you require Palliative care we also have carers trained in end-of-life MND care. As well as being highly trained and qualified all our carers are kind, compassionate and respectful people.

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