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    What Is Osteoporosis Care?

    Osteoporosis is a progressive health condition that weakens bones. It causes loss of bone mass, making them fragile and more susceptible to breaking. Living with osteoporosis means you have to take more precautions to make sure you don’t end up breaking a bone.

    Esteem understand the importance of listening to how you want to be supported. We take the time to find out about you, what you want to achieve and work with you to create a plan that is unique to you.

    Home Care For Osteoporosis

    Our specialist osteoporosis home care includes:

    • Food preparation and meal planning – It is important you have a healthy diet to make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your bones as strong as possible. We can provide you with a menu plan full of nutritious foods that promote bone health. If you struggle with cooking we can prepare meals for you.
    • Personal care – Previous breaks can cause pain and sometimes affect mobility. We can provide assistance with bathing, getting dressed and personal hygiene to keep you feeling your best.
    • Medication assistance – As someone with Osteoporosis, you will likely be prescribed medication to help with the pain. We will help with any medication you need.
    • Exercise support – Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are important for bone density. We can support you with regular exercises to help with bone strength and also your general overall health.
    • Housekeeping – Fall prevention is important when living with osteoporosis. We can assist you with keeping your home tidy and hazard-free so it remains a safe and comfortable environment.
    • Companionship – We understand that living with osteoporosis can affect your mental wellbeing. Our experienced carers can be there to have a friendly chat or provide emotional support.

    Arrange Home Care With Us

    With Esteem you take control. We have created our specialist “Your Choice, Your Care, Your Complete Care Solution” care packages, tailored to suit each and every client. We will listen to what you need and guide you to ensure you receive an Osteoporosis care plan that is unique to you. Get in touch with us today and speak with one of our dedicated care team.

    Osteoporosis Care FAQs

    What causes osteoporosis?2021-10-19T15:45:10+01:00

    Factors that can increase your risk of developing osteoporosis include:

    • Genetics – If you have a family history of the condition you are more likely to develop it.
    • Unhealthy lifestyle – Lack of regular exercise, heavily drinking and smoking have been linked to increasing the risk of developing osteoporosis.
    • Medications – Certain medications such as steroids and anti-oestrogen tablets can affect bone strength.
    • Poor diet– Diet lacking in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and calcium.
    • Other medical conditions – Such as hormone-related conditions and inflammatory conditions.

    Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis, this is due to the drop of oestrogen levels during menopause. Oestrogen is a hormone that helps keep your bones healthy.

    How can I adapt my house for living with Osteoporosis?2021-10-20T12:53:47+01:00

    Fall prevention is very important when living with osteoporosis. Keeping your house a safe environment to be in is very important to avoid accidents and hospital visits.

    Fall prevention techniques in your home include:

    • Use non-slip mats and rugs
    • Immediately clean up spillages
    • Keep your house well lit whilst walking around
    • Install grab rails
    • Keep your house tidy and organised
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