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    What Is Short-Term Home Care?

    Short term care is an umbrella term that covers a range of temporary care services including respite care and intermediate care. This type of care offers numerous benefits including reducing the risk of hospital admission, assistance with recovery and family carer relief.

    When Is Short-Term Care Needed?

    There are numerous reasons why people require this type of home care including:

    • Support quicker discharge from hospital – This can that aid recovery in your home after hospital admission.
    • Respite care – It is important that primary carers receive a break from the responsibility of caring now and again. Respite care offers relief for the primary carer to relax and recharge their batteries.
    • Support in recovery from accident or illness – Intermediate care allows you to have support whilst you are recovering from an accident or illness, a carer will work with you till you have your full independence back to complete tasks on your own.
    • Avoid hospital admissions – Whilst you aren’t feeling your top health, we can provide temporary support so you can rest and return to full health. This can help avoid a decline in health and what could lead to a hospital visit.
    • Emergency care – Emergency care is home care arranged at short notice due to an unexpected event such as illness or injury of the primary caregiver.

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