Home Care vs Care Home, Which Is Best?

Which type of care is the beast for your needs?

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Home Care vs Care Home

There are many choices when it comes to care, but which one is best for your needs and lifestyle?

What Is the Difference Between Home Care and a Care Home?

A Care home also known as a residential home is a place of accommodation for people to receive care and daily support.

A nursing home is very similar to a residential home, the difference is it provides more specialist support for people living with complex medical conditions and disabilities.

Home care involves a qualified carer coming to visit you in your own home. There is no relocation involved, unlike residential homes.

What Type of Care Is Offered?

Both home care and care homes offer a variety of care services, common ones include:

  • Personal care
  • Housekeeping
  • Companionship
  • Food preparation
  • Medication assistance
  • Palliative care

If you are living with a medical condition your care will be tailored around your needs and symptoms. Not all care providers will offer the same services so it is important to do your research. Make sure your provider of choice offers a care plan that fits all your needs and can provide the appropriate level of care for you.

Home care can be arranged promptly which is a benefit for emergency care needing situations. It is also often a better option for short term, respite and intermediate care as it allows you to stay in a comfortable and familiar environment whilst you recover from an injury or your primary carer is unable to care.

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Price Differences Between Home Care and Care Homes

Money can be a big deciding factor when it comes to choosing care. It’s good to research different prices to make sure you get the right care for your money.

Care Home Costs

Costs of care homes vary on location, what type of care you require, your savings and the company. However, the average weekly cost of living in a residential home in the UK is £704, and the average weekly cost of a nursing home is £888.

Long term residential care can be costly. Care homes that provide specialist care such as dementia care and nursing care will normally charge a higher fee.

Home Care Costs

The cost of home care varies across the UK. As home care is an incredibly flexible service, the cost can vary on the hours of care you require a week. The average cost of home care in the UK ranges from £15 – £30 per hour.

Depending on your needs home care can often be cheaper than living in a residential home. This is because you can pick the exact hours of care you require rather than paying a weekly bill for living in a care home.

Why Do People Choose Home Care?

Many people do not like the thought of having to move into a residential home when they get older. Moving out of your house filled with memories is a big change to your life and can often feel like you are giving up your independence. That’s why many people pick home care, it has minimal disruption to your daily life but the maximum effect on your quality of life.

It is estimated that around 950,000 people receive home care in the UK. Home care providers are regulated by their country’s regulatory body, this is to ensure their care service meets professional standards.

Why Do People Choose to Live In a Care Home?

People often feel safe in a care home as staff can provide support and supervision at all times. Sometimes your own home may no longer be a suitable environment in which to receive the appropriate care so relocating to a controlled care environment may be necessary. Nearly half a million people are living in care homes in the UK.

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How to Make a Decision?

To make an informed decision when choosing a care provider look closely at the types of care they provide, their Care Quality Commission or Care Inspectorate rating and customer reviews. This should give you a well-rounded image of the company and If they are a good fit for you.

If you are wanting to receive quality care that enables you to live independently from the comfort of your own home then Esteem could be the perfect care provider for you.

Get in contact with us today, we are more than happy to talk you through our bespoke home care packages and how we can provide the perfect care plan for you.

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